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Custom Flavoured Bars or Chocolates

Item Code: SpecBars
Price:  $35.00 – $88.00 incl. GST

Custom Flavoured Bars or Chocolates

Item Code: SpecBars
Price:  $35.00 – $88.00 incl. GST
Afterpay is only available for orders between $0.00 and $1000.00
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The Specialty Snack that you've been waiting for. 


These are literally the snack like no other! 
Got a flavour in mind? A goal? A texture? A bar-form culinary experience? 

Before you buy, please be sure to have some basics in mind, such as the flavour, texture, protein source and rough macros. 

Upon purchase you'll be emailed to discuss exactly how to make what you want happen, and in the event the AX HQ can't nail down the macros or flavour or even texture that suit your request prior to producing/shipping, then your purchase will be given a full refund. 

After receiving confirmation that you're happy with macros initial tests will begin and you'll be sent a snack pic or two show casing the dream bar you're after and describing the flavour and texture. Production will occur on your go ahead. 



300-500g depending on flavours/cost of goods.

Radical, I know!


The same concept as the above with the custom bars. Do you have a chocolate flavour that pops up in your dreams and doesn't exist in the real world? A chocolatey vision of the future that absolutely must be fore filled? 

Look no further! 

Describe what you'd like:
High protein Collagen
Regular old fashioned

Then the flavour type that you would like, and awaaaay we go! 
Quantity may vary depending on the costing of the particular chocolate, and you will be informed about that before it is produced and in the event you are not happy with that you will be refunded.