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Our Story


The story of the beginnings of Axios Foods started with a merging of my passions for health, fitness, body sculpting, nutrition, and cooking.


My journey to creating this business started with the humble beginnings of wanting to become a body sculptor at the age of 15.

As a young adult, I had, and still do, see a vast amount of unnaturally made and artificially flavoured protein and health supplements permeating the consumer market.

As such, I was inspired to want to bring a healthy protein packed and naturally flavoured product to the market.


Each ingredient comes from products with a long history of usage that has always promoted good health.


The beginnings of Axios Foods were small and eventually becoming Axios Foods was unexpected. After one day on a body fat reducing phase I had a particularly ravenous urge to satisfy my cravings, and my health commitment at the time wouldn't allow me to eat a commercially made protein bar that I knew would contain an array of processed and artificial ingredients, especially with protein in them that I knew would be from grain-fed cattle.


So I put my mind to work on coming up with a recipe for a healthy protein slice that would kill that craving in a way that I could feel comfortable with, in it being organic and clean.

The original recipe that I came up with underwent changes and tweaks for a year as I received one request after another from my fellow gym members for the developing product for which I only ever received excellent reviews.


The decision to grow the little venture into a business came with a friend saying that they wished that my bars were out in the world. So that when they were out and about, they could stop by a store to grab the bars in a more convenient manner.


Their simple sentence inspired me to really want to make that a reality as I realised that the product I originally made to assist my own health could be just as great and delicious for assisting anyone else's health.


The photo above is the first very humble official foray of Axios Foods into making our bars available to the public at a farmers market. 

Humbly-ugly wrapping and displays were the financially necessary launch platform. 


My Personal Health and Fitness Journey

My health, fitness and training ethos is something that I've learnt from everyone around me. And my ultimate advice is to always keep your mind open to the lessons and experiences of those around you.



Growing up, like a lot of kids, I had a lot of pressure on me for work, education goals, and expectations, and I eventually developed depression. 


Unfortunately for me, the time that I had depression was before there was a huge amount of awareness toward it, and people's reactions and treatment toward me and other kids with depression only ever made things worse and harder. 


However, I always had a passion for fitness, from team sports as a kid, to competitive athletics in primary school, and during my searching for myself, I came across some individuals online teaching bodybuilding with a very informed and balanced approach who I'll forever hold as role models. 


So I did my research, studied every source of information I could on the human body and physiology, learnt all that I could about nutrition and holistic health, and threw myself headlong into training at the age of 12. 


For the next several years my growing love for bodybuilding and health provided me with a temporary path out of depression and I eventually got passed it. 


The lessons I learnt over my early years in bodybuilding were to listen as carefully as possible to those with more knowledge and experience than yourself and to constantly challenge yourself with greater goals for the love of the ability to become more. 


The next clear step for me was reaching a physical -and educated- point, where I could teach others how to pursue their health and fitness goals in the healthiest ways possible. 

Again, learning the trails of others through my clients as a Personal Trainer taught me more about how I could challenge myself for a stronger path forward for myself and my aspirations.


It didn't take long for me after becoming a Personal Trainer to realise that simply training people wasn't going to reach as far as I wanted to reach and that a majority of people's health issues lay in what is put out there in misconceptions and outright misinformation to make sales, and so the ethos and motivation behind my business was born; to make natural health food products available, and to build as many relationships with customers as possible. 


These various paths that I've been down have always come with the active choice in becoming as studied and learned as possible to enable me to make the most informed decisions that I can. 


Since then I have maintained and increased my own health and fitness goals across a growing spectrum of training styles and methods. 



I always advocate for everyone to find the balanced place in health that works for them. Where one guy might feel it best to become an 8% bodyfat year round bodybuilder, another might feel healthier at 20% seeking strength goals. 


The choices to push your limits and to look or be a certain way are always yours, and no social perception of a good or bad image or goals should affect your personal choices. 


-Loxton McFarlane-Gosling