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Our Goals


My day to day, month to month and year to year goals have shifted incrementally constantly. Challenges make me adapt my business choices and direction, and open doors to choices that I mightn't have known existed. 
Despite all of the swaying in daily direction, my ultimate goal has always stayed the same: To eventually be able to positively affect everyone and everything that my business can touch. 
To supply the options, choices, resources, and environments to anyone willing to strive and create positive things to share with our communities. 


One of my greatest dreams is the possibility of making enough wealth so that I can extend the offer to help all aspiring small business's I see. To be able to make the path easier for others so that our society and community can grow stronger and more supportive.


Over time I'll strive to expand what I can create and make available, and try to have options that suit any taste or dietary need.


I'll always aim to work with people who share in the same ambitions to help create environments that support and encourage the positive benefits of others around us. 

-Loxton McFarlane-Gosling