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Where do you ship to? 

Currently, we ship all over Australia with flat rate shipping of $10. If there are any buyers from other countries, we'll happily ship to you if you cover your own shipping costs.

Do you offer express postage? 

Express postage options are coming soon.

Where are you located?

We are located in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

What makes your Protein Bars different than others? 

Our Protein Bars were made with the intention of staying as natural as possible, cutting out all hyper processed sugars, sugar alcohols, and isomalto-saccharides and only using naturally occurring goodness such as Honey, various types of nuts depending on the bar, and rolled oats.

Our flavourings are also naturally derived from fruits, tea leaves, coffee beans, and high-quality 70% cocoa Belgium dark chocolate. 


What does the "Specialty Protein Bar" option mean? 


Speciality bars are exactly that! Usually the flavours made have to meet criteria such as being something uncommon, whether that means uncommon for treats in general or for protein bars. 
This is the evolution of the old custom bar option which unfortunately loaded me with more work than I could keep up with.

Comment your flavour ideas on my Instagram posts to get your ideas to me! :)

How do I become a Stockist?

Please refer to our contact page to discuss the details. As a growing business, we'd be excited to spread our range as far as possible through healthy and positive channels. 

Do you offer refunds? 

Unless there is a valid reason to request a refund, such as the product not being as described or there being a defect in the bars then no, we do not do refunds. At this stage, all bars are made by hand, so minor differences do occur. 

How long does it take after ordering a product for it to be put in the mail?


We endeavour to be as prompt as humanly possible in getting you what you've ordered and depending on the time of day the order placed it will either be in the mail that day or the following. 

In the event of anything unexpectedly being out of stock or any other unexpected hold-ups you will be contacted and informed.