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Custom Protein Bar Base
Toasted Sesame seeds
Poppy Seeds
Agave Nectar
Maple Syrup
Brazil nuts
Flavour Additions
Fruit Powder - Raspberry
Fruit Powder - Strawberry
Fruit Powder - Passionfruit
Fruit Powder - Pineapple
Vegetable Powder - Beetroot
Dried Fruit - Cranberries
Dried Fruit - Goji Berries
Dried Fruit - Pineapple
70% Cocoa solids dark Chocolate
Mint Extracts
Tea Extracts - Matcha
Tea Extracts - Chai
Other - please specify in comments
Micro-nutrient Additions
Inulin Fiber (from Chicory root)
Ginseng root powder
Other - please specify in comments
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Changes to the Custom Bar order form.  V PLEASE READ V

On the form, the minimum order quantity is 20 bars. 

This number has been increased to a 40 bar minimum due to some changes to our process within the business. 

This info is just a placeholder, thus why the form itself has not been updated. 

Custom bars may be discontinued in the near future in favour of the new weekly speciality flavours that will be cycled through.


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Please read info on this page before filling out the order form.
Custom AX Bar Ordering Process

After having entered your name and contact info please select 1 or more options from each category. 

If there is an ingredient not on the list that you think should be, please feel free to include that in the comment at the bottom.


If you haven't received an email response within 6 hours, please double check your Spam/Junk folders.
We endeavour to be as prompt and proactive as possible in replying. 


Protein Options:

The standard Protein used is a pasture fed Whey Protein Isolate. 

However, if you would like, you can include in the comments a different protein selection. 

Either Brown Rice Protein, Pea Protein, or Egg Protein is doable. 


Pricing, Nutritional Profile & Flavour: 

Each custom recipe is very differently priced, and this is due to either the complexity of the recipe elected, the desired nutritional profile and the quantity desired. 

But the most expensive recipe will usually come in at $5 per bar, and the cheapest at $3.10.



Upon having selected your ingredients and reaching the "comments" section if you have any particular nutritional desires, such as "I want no less than 18g of protein" or something along those lines, please leave that comment. 


Upon submitting your form, your selections will be reviewed, and you will be contacted with a rough figure price and nutritional profile. 


In following days(amount of time will be specified in the first email) you will be supplied with the nutritional panel to review and confirm. 

If it meets your approval then a payment request will be made and your order will be made post-haste. 


A Note about A) Flavours/enjoyability
B) Carb-Free/Fat-Free

A: You needn't worry about if the bars will not taste as you would like. A part of our code of ethics at Axios Foods is that we wouldn't sell a product that we do not think is enjoyable ourselves. 

B: There are many mentions in the information pages on this site and Axios Foods Instagram posts about the health misinformation spread regarding carb-free and fat-free diet trends. So on a point of principle, Axios Foods uses only natural ingredients. Being natural, and to simplify, our sweeteners and fats only have natural and healthy sugars and fats. 

Whilst consumed in healthy balanced quantities these macro-nutrients will assist a physical healthy balance. Be that a balance where you are attempting to lose weight, gain muscle, or just generally improve fitness. 


IMO on the selection list: 

IMO is on the selection list as a placeholder until regulations pass it for manufacturing usage in Australia. However, some orders can be produced with IMO in the US, this will incur an increase in the cost. 

(Currently out of stock!) 


Flavours selected and flavours wanted:

If there are no flavours on the form that you want, then feel free to enter the flavoured bar that you want into the comments. 

We are able to produce a wide and creative range of flavours, whether they're conventional or unconventional ones.