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AX Protein Bars

 Our Protein Bars are made with health as the primary intent, and with an enjoyment of flavour as the important delivery of that healthy snack. 

There are several different ranges of AX Protein Bars centered around various nuts, from Almonds through Macadamias, Peanuts, and Brazil nuts. Almond based bars make up the central range due to their generally more beneficial health impacts. Though all of the nuts have just as great other properties. 


Through all of the ingredients and processes that go into creating these bars, we use the finest quality ingredients that we can source and make them with the greatest care that we can.


AX Protein Bars make an excellent addition to any lifestyle, not matter what your job may be, what your family role may be, and what your time availability may be. 


Thermic effect of food (TEF) explained simply: 

Thermic effect of food (TEF) in simple terms means the amount of energy that your body has to expend in digesting, absorbing, and delivering different nutritional elements around your body. It is a factor in the introduction of caloric intake into the body that is rarely addressed. 
For example; you may consume something that has a high thermic effect that is measured at 100 calories, but in the process of your body putting that to use, you might expend from 10-30 calories of energy in making that food useful. 

The Thermic effects of different nutritional components do vary greatly, from proteins to carbs to fats, and all of the different variations of each. 
Protein usually offer a 20%-35% TEF. So if you were to consume 100 calories worth of protein, you could be using 20 to 35 calories of energy already in your body to use that protein. 

Carbohydrates vary between 5%-15% TEF depending on what kind, refined sugars sometimes sitting below 5%, natural sugars sitting between 5%-8% and dietary fibre being up at 15%. Many health trends steer people away from even natural sugars, but AX bars most certainly don't, taking the importance of this nutritional component to mind and explaining why.

Fats, like Carbohydrates, also vary greatly in their form, and they should most definitely not be avoided. They have a 5%-15% TEF like carbs. 

The more natural your sources of any nutritional and caloric intake, generally the higher the thermic effects of what you're consuming. 
All AX Protein Bars are made with the factor of thermic effect in mind. 



These husky little health treasures are growing hugely in popularity for good reason! Nutritionally dense and in a 100 gram serving contains 20% of the daily recommended intake of the B Vitamins; riboflavin and niacin, Vitamin E and essential minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc.

Also rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that can potentially lower LDL cholesterol.

Almonds make up one of the cornerstone ingredients in the central range of protein and Paleo bars.



The delicious nut that is most commonly associated with it’s spreadable butter variation that is mass produced by an excessive amount of brands. There is a common misconception that peanuts are bad for you due to the generally accepted idea that peanut butter is unhealthy and full of fat and calories. Peanuts in their original form, and in the pure form used in our AX Peanut Butter & Peanut Butter Brownie Bars, are one of the highest protein containing nuts that there are. Also an excellent source of B Vitamins, Vitamin E, and Manganese.



Macadamia Nuts:

Compared to Almonds, Macadamia’s are low in protein and high in fat, but this basic level of information should not deter you from choosing to eat them or any products containing them. They have the highest levels of monounsaturated fats out of all known tree nuts and contain 22% omega-7 palmitoleic acid, which has a sought after use in the skin-care industry. Even when ingested this omega fatty acid assists skin health. And just like Almonds, the types of fats in Macadamia’s have known effects of lowering Cholesterol levels.



Brazil Nuts:

Rolled Oats:

Oats are a thankfully recognised superfood, and it is known that daily consumption of oats can lower blood cholesterol as a result of its soluble fibre content. And then again from a general energy fix consumable; oats are high in complex carbs and water soluble fibre that encourages slow digestion and helps to stabilize blood glucose levels.


Australian Honey:

Honey has been harvested from bees and used in the medicinal and culinary world by humans for the past 8,000 years, even having been depicted in cave paintings with people referred to as “honey seekers” out looking for it!
The effect of honey on human health is a tale of its historical uses and a modern oddness of very little clinical tests to either prove or disprove how effective people through history have claimed it to be.
However medically helpful it may or may not truly be, it is an excellent unprocessed source of naturally occurring Fructose and Glucose sugars to keep your energy pumping throughout the day!



Whey Protein Isolates:

Whey Protein is a by-product of the cheese making process, and there are three variations of it; Isolate, Concentrate, and hydroslate. They differ in their composition and most notably their protein content. Isolates contain the highest percentage of pure protein that often is pure enough to be almost entirely lactose-free, carb free, and fat and cholesterol free. All whey proteins are extremely bioavailable and thus rapidly absorbed into the body.
The convenient source of whey protein isolate in all AX Protein Bars assist in your body staying in an anabolic state, where growth in lean body tissue is optimal.



Dark Chocolate: 

Only the finest quality 70% Cocoa solids Callebaut dark chocolate is used in any of the AX Protein Bars with chocolate in them. Each bar easily contains little enough chocolate to be well under the excessive consumption level, and easily enough to be on the perfect flavour combination point. 



Freeze Dried Fruit Powder:

Fruit have a wide range of preservation techniques applied to them to extend their use beyond fresh picking, and a relatively new method of preservation is freeze drying. In freeze-drying a fruit, you extend its life and potential usage dramatically, keeping all of the vibrant flavours and vitamins and minerals that were inside the original fruit. 
All of the fruit flavoured bars in the AX Protein bar range are based around using 100% real fruit that has been freeze dried to deliver a potent and real flavour.



More commonly referred to simply as vanilla, vanillin is the specific chemical name of an extract of the well-known seeds. It is not particularly high in anything but is packed full of delicious flavour that helps to bring out the great flavours in all AX Bars.


Hagoromo Matcha:

This beautifully healthy form of green tea is still in its infancy in the Australian marketplace, despite its enormous popularity all over Asia.
It is very simply ground and dried green tea leaves that have been grown in shaded environments. Packed full of theanine, chlorophyll, and low to medium levels of caffeine. Matcha has been known to improve mental focus, and the theanine helps to give a sustained release of the caffeines energy without any kind of energy crash following.
The rich antioxidant catechins in matcha have a known cancer-fighting effect.


Ground Coffee Beans:

Coffee beans are commonly known for their two most sought after properties: Caffeine and flavour. AX Protein and Paleo bars both have a coffee flavour option made from real high quality roasted coffee bean blends. The naturally occurring caffeine within the beans mixed with the unprocessed sugars within each of the bars will give you a lovely energy increase that will be sustained and help avoid any crash.